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Section 1

Research details: Testing and research related to radioactivity

  1. Research on radioactivity
    • Research on artificial and natural radioactive substance in food and environment
    • Research on quality control of radioactive pharmaceutical product
    • Research on radioactivity management
  2. Metabolic biochemical testing and research of food/drugs/cosmetics related substance
    • Research on safety of next generation biotechnology applied food
    • Metabolic biochemical testing and research related to psychoactive drug, dangerous drug, etc.
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Section 2

Research details: Research on newly developed food applying biotechnologies such as genome editing

  1. Research on recombinant DNA technology applied food
    • Collection and making data base of information regarding genetically modified crops developed overseas
    • Development of official detection method for recombinant DNA technology applied food
    • Research on gene analysis method of genetically modified organism using NGS, Nanopore sequencer, etc.
    • Basic research related to safety of genome editing technology
    • Analysis of gene function using genetically modified animal
  2. Research on safety of health food etc.
    • Chemical analysis of hazardous constituent in commercially available health food, and in vivo biochemical test, such as metabolic experiment, in addition to in vitro
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Section 3

Research details: Research on allergy

  1. Research on allergen included in food and detection method therefor
    • Research on the development of detection method for allergen included in processed food.
    • Basic research on the mechanism for food allergy occurrence.
    • Research on allergen database and prediction method for allergenicity.
  2. Research on diversity of food allergy and impact of chemical substance.
    • Research on securement of safety of constituents contained in quasi-pharmaceutical products, cosmetics etc.
    • Research on impact of chemical substance against allergenicity immune response.
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Section 4

Research details: Research on evaluation of impact on human health by food/drugs/cosmetics related substance.

  1. Research on human immune impact and research on risk assessment
    • Research on appropriate utilization of large-scale data to risk assessment field
    • Analysis of genetic function using genetically modified animal
    • Research on analytical method for prediction of toxicity and allergenicity by food/drugs/cosmetics related substance
  2. Biochemical research related to clarification of biological function
    • Research on development and implementation of gene detection method for higher plant and fungi which cause food poisoning
    • Research on impact to genome stability and maintenance of mitochondria function by molecule which acts to maintenance of homeostasis of cell
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