The Division of Biochemistry covers a broad range of research field, including analytical chemistry, allergy and immunology, molecular cell biology and radiochemistry to address fundamental questions on complex biological systems. Allergenicity of genome-edited foods, substances in medical products/cosmetics/quasi-drugs are currently important research topics. Handling and safety management of radioactive materials and survey of radioactive contamination in fresh food products are also within our work.
 Novel foods and substances can unexpectedly cause allergic and toxic reactions and other adverse effects. For safety use of the products, allergenicity and toxicity need to be assessed from a scientific point of view. Our mission is to predict and evaluate substances that may show allergenicity and toxicity based on solid scientific evidence to contribute to risk assessment.


What’s new

  • 2022 April 1
    Dr. Kataoka Yohei joined as a section chief at Section 1.
  • 2021 October 1
    Dr. Taguchi Chie joined as a senior staff scientist.
  • 2021 August 2
    Allergen Database for Food Safety (ADFS) website has been opened.
  • 2021 April 1
    Division website was updated.
  • 2020 March 1
    Dr. Shibata Norihito joined as a section chief at Section 2.
  • 2020 January 1
    Dr. Yoshiba Satoko joined as a senior staff scientist at Section 2.

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