Outline of the research activities

 The Division of Biochemistry (DoB) covers a broad range of research field, including analytical chemistry, allergy and immunology, molecular cell biology and radiochemistry to address fundamental questions on complex biological systems. Allergenicity of genome-edited foods, substances in medical products/cosmetics/quasi-drugs are currently important research topics. Development of official methods for inspection of imported foods, basic research for development of new methodologies, evaluation of allergenicity of foods/cosmetics/quasi-drugs using skin sensitization mouse model, and handling/safety management of radioactive materials, and survey of radioactive contamination in fresh food products are examples of our work.
 Novel foods and substances can unexpectedly cause allergic and toxic reactions and other adverse effects. For safety use of the products, allergenicity and toxicity need to be assessed from a scientific point of view. Our mission is to predict and evaluate substances that may show allergenicity and toxicity based on solid scientific evidence to contribute to risk assessment.
 These research activities are supported by grants from MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) Scientific Research Fund, AMED (Japan Medical R&D Organization), Consumer Affairs Agency, and Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI).
 We play increasing roles in national activities. Our staffs participate in various scientific committees such as the Food Safety Commission, the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council, and Consumer Affairs Agency.

 Major subjects for the research are;

  1. Research on radiation safety management, research on analytical method of radioactive nuclides and reliability of analytical value, and research on quality of radioactive antibody pharmaceutical products.
  2. Development of official detection method for recombinant DNA technology applied food, and molecular biological research regarding genome analysis, gene expression analysis, and safety of genome editing technology applied food.
  3. Development of detection method for allergic substance in food, research on allergen component analysis, research on skin sensitization, and preparation of allergen data base.
  4. Research on evaluation of immunity system impact by above mentioned food/drugs/cosmetics related substances, and research on utilization of large-scale data to risk assessment. Research on developmental status of genetically modified crops and regulation of genetically modified organism in overseas.

 The accomplishments obtained from these researches are contributing to securement of the safety of food, cosmetics, quasi-drug products and pharmaceutical products through the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and Food Safety Commission.

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