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Advisory Committee on Health Effects of Endocrine Disruptors
The Supplement II to the Intermediary Report


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Chapter 1: Results of major actions and future tasks
Section 1: Test scheme
  1. Introduction
The Ministry of Labor and Welfare have been promoting the development of techniques for screening, in terms of hormonal activity, of several hundreds of thousands of suspected endocrine disruptors, which should lead to establishment of a priority list for definitive study. The Ministry has also been developing the methodology of the definitive study in parallel (see Figure).
  2. Outline of the extended test scheme
A screening battery of the techniques (i), (ii) and (iii) shown in the Figure has proved to be effective in examining consecutively the hormonal activity of hundreds of thousands of substances and, therefore, in developing a priority list for definitive study.
The list is evolutionary in that it is regularly re-sorted e.g. according to new data on hormonal activity of each entry. It can also be extended by adding additional information, such as findings on extents of exposure, thus providing more comprehensive prioritization criteria.

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Definitive studies, evaluation of hazards and exposures, and risk evaluation based on them will be conducted for each compound according to the listed priority. The compounds will be divided into compounds needing risk management and those do not until new findings require it in future. Exceptionally, for pesticides and other substances for which large-scale tests (including multi-generation tests) have been finished, evaluation of hazards, exposure and risk may be started immediately if the test data are enough to evaluate endocrine disruptive activities.

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