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Advisory Committee on Health Effects of Endocrine Disruptors
The Advisory Committee follows the two steps shown below in its activities:

1.Surveying some tens of thousands chemical compounds commonly found and possibly entering the human body for hormonal activities and related properties as well as practical applications, and prioritizing them for the ensuing definitive studies
2.Conducting definitive studies, in the order of priority established above, to determine if each compound really has health effects

The stepwise approach was adopted because
1. Among the regulated compounds known to have hormonal activities, none has been found to need any urgent additional measures, such as ban on use, within the capability of the existing methodology of chemical hazard evaluation (see Note 1),
2. The definitive studies for hazard evaluation of such compounds should be conducted in novel or improved methods which take into consideration the whole life span of individuals (from embryo to aged) and the neural and immune systems in addition to the endocrine system (see Note 2), and
3. The definitive studies are probably extensive and need therefore prioritization for handling tens of thousands of compounds
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