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FAQs on endocrine disruptors
Q1: What is the endocrine disruptor issue?
Q2: What are the endocrine disruptors?
Q3: What is endocrine secretion?
Q4: How different are environmental hormones from endocrine disruptors?
Q5: What problems do endocrine disruptors cause?
Q6: Which substances are thought to be endocrine disruptors?
Q7: Why are so few substances recognized as endocrine disruptors? Can you show a definite list of them?
Q8: What effects are endocrine disruptors expected to exert? I am particularly concerned about possible effects on children.
Q9: Is it true that endocrine disruptors reduce the human sperm count?
Q10: What is the inverted U phenomenon?
Q11: How are endocrine disruptors studied in this country?
Q12: And how about studies in other countries?
Q13: Are endocrine disruptors contained in foods?
Q14: Are polycarbonate containers safe?
Q15: How can I reduce ingestion of endocrine disruptors?
Q16: Can you explain the news that phthalates in vinyl gloves was transferred to foods?
Q17: I hear some plants have endocrine disrupting components. What are those substances?
Q18: Are dioxins endocrine disruptors, too? Are endocrine disruptors highly toxic as dioxins?

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