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Through various studies below, we contribute to food safety for people

1.Studies on analytical methods of pesticide residues  and veterinary drug residues in food.

Development of analytical methods for agricultural chemicals and veterinary drugs which were discussed the necessity in Review
 Commission on Public Analytical Methods for Pesticide Residues (残留農薬等公示分析法検討会), and which were set up the standard value by new registration.
 (developed about 20 methods / year)

2.Studies on analytical methods of radioactive substances and environmental pollutants in foods

・Surveillance of radioactive substances in foods including market 
basket samples and development of detection methods for irradiated foods.
・Investigation research on environmental pollutants.

3.Studies on dietary intake of food contaminants and analytical methods of harmful substances.

・Collection of data on dietary intake of food contaminants, and
 exploratory of contaminants to be evaluated for food safety.
・Development of analytical methods for harmful metals, natural
 harmful substances and exogenous materials in foods, and collection
 of their analytical data.

4.Studies on quality assurance of analytical results



Subjects for study in food field

・Pesticide residues
・Veterinary drug residues
・Radioactive substances
・Contaminants (dioxins, PCB, etc.)
・Natural harmful substances
・Harmful components in food, deteriorated foods,
  and irradiated foods
・Exogenous materials
・Harmful metals
・Chemical food poisoning