The division has been one of the key-laboratories responsible for biological safety researches and testings for a variety of chemicals including household products, food & food-additives including GM products, health food, supplements, pesticides/herbicides and pharmaceuticals. On top of the traditional toxicology studies, our current priority issues are the integrated life sciences for the neuro-immuno-endocrine system, as well as developmental biology/morphogenesis, and new technical developments such as the genetically-manipulated recombinant mice, the in vitro alternative methods, the establishment of Toxicogenomics for the future predictive toxicology and other new issues including nanomaterial toxicity.

Neural stem cell research (left: neurosphere, right: immunofluorescent images of neurons (green) and glias (red))

Gene knockout mice (right: spawning, left: chimeric mice)

Toxicogenomics research using microarray

Toxicology studies using rodents

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