The division consists of three sections engaged in research and testing work on crude drugs (herbal medicines) and narcotics. The major research subject is involved with the following areas: evaluation and standardization of herbal medicines to ensure their quality, efficacy and safety; development of chemically and genetically analyzing method of herbal medicines and unregulated drugs; evaluation of pharmacological activity of “Kampo” medicines; surveys of biologically active compounds in natural source; development of analytical method of narcotics, stimulants and other abused drugs; chemical evaluation of borderline products between pharmaceuticals and food. In addition, the division manages special scientific instruments such as 800MHz NMR, LC-NMR and tandem MS for common use in our ministry.

Specimens of Japanese Pharmacopoieal crude drugs

Narcotics, stimulants and illegal psychotropic products

Analyses of Kampo medicines for their quality assurance and standardization

800MHz NMR for common use

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