National Institute of Health Sciences Committee on Information

1. Basic idea

National Institute of Health Sciences (Hereafter, it is said, "This place") is collecting information on everybody for whom this site is used within the range necessary for smoothly managing the service (acceptance of a dissemination, newly arrived information delivery service by the homepage, and various opinions etc.) provided on the National Institute of Health Sciences homepage (; Hereafter, it is said, "This site").
Collected information is taken care of appropriately within the range of the purpose of use.


2. Range of collected information

(1) The Internet domain name, Internet Protocol address, and information on the inspection of this site etc. are automatically collected on this site.
The cookie (information that is transmitted from the server to user's browser to identify the user on the server side, and accumulated by user's computer) is not used.

(2) It asks for the mail address, comments or opinions, the questioned type, and the registration of the content when the corner of "Opinion and impression" is used.
Moreover, it arbitrarily asks for registration of the user attribute etc. of the name, the address, the telephone number, and the fax number.


3. Purpose of use

(1) Information collected in (1) uses that the service that this site provides is smoothly managed referring.
(2)I will refer to "Type that comments or opinions and is questioned on" collected by (2) and "Content" for the management in the future.
The user attribute etc. arbitrarily registered are used as reference information on "Comments or opinions and question".


4. Limitation of use and offer

It voluntarily uses for the purposes other than the purpose of use of three, except when there is an indication claim based on the law about information collected on this site or the person in question's agreement is obtained or there is an additionally special reason or it doesn't offer it to the third party in this place.
However, access information on this site that statistically gives processing and information on the user attribute etc. might be made public.


5. Measures of security

This place lectures on collected information, and it leaks, and it lectures on necessary measures to manage collected information besides the prevention of perishing or missing coming appropriate.

6. Disclosing of information concerning self

Information that can identify a name and a specific miscellaneous a date of birth individual is not collected on this site excluding the user attribute filled in by the application etc. of the participation etc. of the corner and the event of announcing to public of "Comments or opinions and question".


7. Coverage

This privacy policy is applied only on this site (directory of or less).
Information will be handled in the responsibility of each organization in a related organization etc.



National Institute of Health Sciences Committee on Information

1. About the link

(1) In the National Institute of Health Sciences homepage, the principle link is free.
(As for not only top page but also the link to individual information, it is similar handling. )
However, it is not this when there is a note of the limitation of the link etc. in each information.

(2) It permits when linking and it is not necessary to report.

(3)Please specify the effect that is the link to "National Institute of Health Sciences homepage" when the link is set.

(4)The above-mentioned of other sites that are concerning "National Institute of Health Sciences homepage" (, and have linked with this homepage is not applied


2. About the copyright

(1)Individual information (character, photograph, and illustration, etc.) published in "National Institute of Health Sciences homepage" is an object of the copyright.
Moreover, "National Institute of Health Sciences homepage" the whole is an object of the copyright as the edit book.
The copyright is protected by a Japanese country Copyright Law and an international agreement.

(2)An entire part of the content of this homepage can be quoted by specifying the origin by a proper method for the act admitted in the Copyright Law, be reprinted, and be reproduced.
However, please follow it about the one with the note such as "Reprint without permission is forbidden".

(3)An entire part of the content of this homepage cannot be modified to National Institute of Health Sciences without permission.

3. Exemption matters

National Institute of Health Sciences doesn't assume any responsibilities of all acts the use of the user of information on this homepage and doing though it ensures the accuracy of publishing information on this homepage.

4. Others

Please acknowledge to this homepage the change or might the deletion of the content beforehand without a previous notice.