This division is in charge of affairs in human health risk assessment associated with the potential effects by various chemicals exposure, and conducts related researches which include development of toxicity databases and information platform for chemicals, risk assessment and management of chemicals in foods, drinking water, drugs and personal care products, development for new toxicity studies cooperating with the Japanese Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods, and development for in silico methods using the (Quantitative) Structure Activity Relationship and Toxicogenomics. The division also contributes the internal activities of the OECD Cooperative Chemical Assessment Programme and International Programme on Chemical Safety. This division  supports all these activities by drafting the chemical assessments and various guideline documents, and by attending the domestic and international regulatory expert meetings.

The chemical safety assessment support system

IPCS documents and Japanese translations

Cooperation with the Japanese Center for Alternative Test Methods

The OECD QSAR Application Toolbox meeting

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