The 2nd AMES/QSAR International Challenge Project


1st Announcement

February 12, 2020

Previously, we conducted the Ames/QSAR International Challenge Project with 12 QSAR vendors to validate and improve their QSAR tools for predicting Ames mutagenicity of chemical substances ( The outcome of the project was published in a special issue of Mutagenesis (Honma et al., Mutagenesis 34, 2-16, 2019). The paper is available here. The paper got good reputation and was received the best paper award of Mutagenesis recently. We were convinced that this project was a great success and provided a lot of benefit to QSAR vendors, QSAR users, and regulatory authorities involved in the evaluation of mutagenicity of chemical substances.

Now, we announce to start the 2nd AMES/QSAR International Challenge Project. During recent 5 years, new Ames tests results (about 1,600 chemicals) have been accumulated in our Ames database. Using these chemicals as challenge chemicals, we will start the 2nd AMES/QSAR challenge project shortly. If you are interested in participating the new project. Please contact with us as soon as possible. Not only QSAR vendors, but also researchers in academia are very welcome for the participation. Advanced in silico models using deep learning or AI are also welcome. We hope that a lot of in silico researchers will participate the new project.

The invitation of the 2nd project was closed. THANK YOU!!

Division of Genetics and Mutagenesis,

National Institute of Health Sciences

Kei-ichi Sugiyama (sugiyama[at]

Ayako Furuhama (ayako_furuhama[at]

Masamitsu Honma (honma[at]

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