HASEGAWA, Ryuichi, Ph.D. (Pharmacy)


Committee member:

Committee of Drug Safety Management, Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Expert Committee for Assessment of New Drug Excipients

Evaluation Committee of GLP Inspection for Medicinal Development

Expert Working Group member for ICH Q3C/MFResidual Solvent Guideline Maintenance


Ph.D. (Pharmacy), Pharmacist, Diplomate of Japanese Board of Toxicologist, Clinical Technologist


Biochemistry: Regulation of lipid metabolism, DNA oxidative damage and tissue damages/carcinogenesis

Pharmaceutics: Stereospecific distribution of beta-blockers due to different protein bindings

Toxicology: Toxicity study on various industrial chemicals, High susceptibility of newborns to chemicals, Toxicity evaluation of dioxins, phthalates, alkyl phenols, bisphenol A, environmental pollutants in water and industrial chemicals, Assessment and documentation of OECD high production chemicals

Present Work:

Analysis of drug-drug and food-drug interaction on drug metabolism and transport, concerning the proper usage of medicines

Safety evaluation and countermeasure of pharmaceuticals, such as qualification of animal toxicity study, analysis of toxicity data for drug excipients and residual solvents, and improvement of pharmacovigilance

Susceptibility analysis of infants to exogenous substances including medicines