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   The Division of Biochemistry is dedicated to research including analytical chemistry, allergy & immunology, molecular cell biology, and radiochemistry to address fundamental questions on complex biological systems. For assessment of the risk to human health based on understanding the biological systems, we also study data science, an emerging new area of science.

   Substances in medical products, cosmetics, quasi-drugs, and novel foods including genetically engineered biotechnology products can unexpectedly cause allergic and toxic reactions and other adverse effects. For safety use of the products, allergenicity and toxicity need to be assessed correctly from a scientific point of view. Survey of radioactive contamination in fresh food produces and development of analytical methods for radionuclides are within our research.

   Our mission is to predict and evaluate substances that may show allergenicity and toxicity based on solid scientific evidence to contribute risk assessment. Our division plays an increasing role in national activities. Members participate in scientific committees such as the Food Safety Commission and the Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council.


2019.04.01 'Organaization' has been renewed.
2018.04.02 Our institute has moved from Setagaya-ku, Tokyo to Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa.
2017.02.04 Our homepage has been redesigned.


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2019.03.25 Allergen database is currently under maintenance.
2017.02.04 Detection Methods of GM foods has been opened.
2015.03.31 Natural Toxin database has been opened.

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