Research Activities

Study for assessment and implication of genotoxicity

Development of risk assessment strategy of genotoxic carcinogens for food additives

Construction of risk assessment strategy of genotoxicity for flavours as food additives

Study for development of new assays and modification approach of genotoxicity tests

Development and modification of Pig-a assay for gene mutation

Development and modification of in vitro gene mutation assay using hepatocyte

Identification of mutagens derived from food and its screening method using bacteria

Genotoxicity assessment system for nano-materials using Ames test

Development of epi-mutagen detection system using yeast

Basic research for mechanism of genotoxicity

Determination of mechanism of chromosome aberration using a live cell imaging technique

Determination of mechanism of mutagenicity by tracing of single DNA adduct (specifically for threshold of genotoxicity)

Construction of DNA oligomers including specific DNA adducts at a specific locus

Molecular mechanism of DNA topoisomerase and transcription-coupled nucleotide excision repair

Assessment of genotoxicity for chemicals related to daily life

Assessment of genotoxicity for nano-materials

Assessment of genotoxicity for flavours

Study of structure-activity relationship (SAR) for prediction of genotoxicity for chemicals

Construction of big database for genotoxicity tests

Development of strategy for prediction of genotoxicity using (Q)SAR

Previous works

Development and modification of transgenic rodents gene mutation assays

Study of a new gene mutation assay using whole genome sequencing

Study of gene mutation assay to detect germ cell or heritable mutagenicity

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