Prior to filing an application
 —for the designation of a food additive
 —for the revision of exiting use standards for a designated food additive
  to make it possible to use the additive in foods in which it is not permitted,

 the FADCC gives advice on
 ◆How to prepare/compile documents on the following information
  ・Sources, and background of discovery, of the food additive
 ・ Physicochemical characteristics and compositional specifications
  ・Effectiveness
  ・Safety and daily intake
  ・Use standards
  ・Other general matters concerning application for designation
 ◆ Confirmation whether drafted documents are in place
     and quoted information is correct.

 In addition, when additional information is required by the Food Safety Commission
  (risk assessment body for food safety) in the process of risk assessment,

 the FADCC gives advice on
  ◆How to collect and compile the information.

 The FADCC gives advice on application for food additive designation or the revision of use
 standards, based on actual cases and experience.
 Please note that FADCC’s activity does not guarantee that no additional information is
 required by the commission.
 After filing an application, unexpected information may be required, partially because new
 findings are published.

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The face-to-face meeting is conducted in Japanese at our center. Non-Japanese-speaking applicants are requested to be accompanied by an interpreter, if necessary.