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During a state of emergency regarding COVIC-19, we are only accepting consultations via e-mail.

Q1 Do you charge a consultation fee?
No, we don’t. Consultation is provided within national services in tentative.
Q2 Is it possible to make a consultation by phone?
The consultation shall start with face-to-face meeting at our office. It is not recommended to make a consultation by phone.
It is better to start your consultation with an interview at our office, and it is recommended to make your reservation request by e-mail or facsimile in advance. We will respond to your request within one week in general after we received your inquiry.
Q3 How can I apply for consultation?
You may send us a reservation proposal to us by e-mail or facsimile in advance. After we received your inquiry, in general within one week, and send back you the interview date to start the consultation. LinkIconClick here.
Q4 Could be the contents of the consultation including the application proposal open to public?
No, any contents used in the consultation should not be opened to the public. They are treated as the secret under the national regulations.
Q5 Can I consult you issues on food additives other than designation procedures? For example, the revision of use standards of certain food additives?
We only offer the consultation for the preparation of documents for the designation, the revision of usage, or the revision of standards for food additives in Japan. If you have any questions about the use of food additives in foods, please contact to local health center for domestic control or Quarantine Station import consulting service for import of foods for the labeling of food additives in Japan. LinkIconConsumer Affairs Agency
Q6 Could be the contents of the consultation including the application proposal open to public?
The consultation would be conducted in Japanese. If you are not confident with explain your issue in Japanese, it is strongly recommend to accompany reliable interpreter with you.
For inquiry for the reservation of interview meeting by e-mail or facsimile, and following inquiries on the application procedures by e-mail or facsimile, you may write them in English.
Q7 Should I submit documents for the consultation in advance before the interview?
It is recommended to accompany the outline of the materials (ingredient, usage in abroad, structural formula, and so on) with the application for the interview meeting at our office.
Before the writing out the “Application Form for Reservation”, please be sure to check the following points. LinkIconClick here

The face-to-face meeting is conducted in Japanese at our center. Non-Japanese-speaking applicants are requested to be accompanied by an interpreter, if necessary.