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During a state of emergency regarding COVIC-19, we are only accepting consultations via e-mail.

 Any person who wishes to use a food additive that is not designated by the Minister or wishes to use a designated additive in products in which the additive is not permitted, shall file an application with the Minister. The applicant needs to submit required documents along with an application form. The documents include information showing a description, effectiveness, and safety of the additive and data quoted in the information.

 In recent years, an increasing number of inquiries about application have been made from businesses in and outside Japan. In addition the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is requested to expedite the procedure for designation and revision of use standards.

 In June 2014, the MHLW set up a center for consultation on application concerning food additives (Food Additive Designation Consultation Center) in the National Institute of Health Sciences, aiming to smoothly and expeditiously handle clerical work for designation or revision of standards. The center started its business in July.

The face-to-face meeting is conducted in Japanese at our center. Non-Japanese-speaking applicants are requested to be accompanied by an interpreter, if necessary.